13: Evie – Stevie Wright


Entered Charts:30 May 1974
Entry Point:38
Highest Chart:1
Weeks In:21
Watch On YouTube:Click here

Stevie Wright was the lead singer of “Australia’s Beatles” – the Easybeats – and as a result was arguably the best known pop star in this country for much of the late 1960’s. After the band broke up, he struggled with a heroin addiction and so, his former band mates Harry Vanda and George Young worked with him to record the Hard Road album.

Broken into three parts, this epic takes on the three main themes of love songs in the three sections:

  • Part 1: Baby it’ll be great once we’re together (Let Your Hair Hang Down)
  • Part 2: Baby, it’s so great now that we’re together (Oh Evie… I’m nothing without you)
  • Part 3: Baby, it’s so bad since you left me (I’m Losing You). However, the loss in this case is more tragic than the usual “boy loses girl” scenario – it describes the singer’s emotions following Evie’s death in childbirth.

It is quite simply a masterpiece and one that has earned the title of the longest ever song to reach number 1 anywhere in the world. Radio stations found it difficult to fit all eleven minutes into their playlist formats and so would often only play Part 1. But to only listen to Part 1 would be the equivalent of listening to the first three tracks of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and no more. Take your time and listen to the lot – it will be well worth it, I promise you.