14: Leaps And Bounds – Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls


Entered Charts:Released 1987
Entry Point:0
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Is there a more prolific, talented songwriter in Australia? I really can’t think of anyone who even comes close to Paul Kelly.

Despite being a product of Adelaide (like so many others), he settled in the inner southern suburbs of Melbourne and has been churning out quality song after quality song. Interestingly, though, he has only charted nationally on four occasions and this song – Leaps and Bounds – is not one of those four. Like “From St Kilda To Kings Cross”, this song speaks of Kelly’s love for the city of Melbourne in a away that doesn’t sound silly or overly-jingoistic. He tells his story like no other. Unfortunately, from a commercial perspective, the good folks of a certain city north of here, known for its harbour, probably aren’t as enamoured by Kelly’s message, putting a dent in his national charting aspirations with those two songs.

But as a boy who grew up in Melbourne and who has recently spent a few months living in said northern city, I get what Paul Kelly is saying. It’s a great song about a great city.