15: Don’t Fall In Love – The Ferrets


Entered Charts:10 August 1977
Entry Point:33
Highest Chart:7
Weeks In:17
Watch On YouTube:Click here

There is something about this song that just makes it grouse … and I don’t know what that “something” is. Is it the voice of Billy Miller? Is the bouncing rhythm? Is it the quality lyrics – where else will you hear “You’ll get hurt, there on the flirt again tonight”?

Whatever it is, it is just a great song. I was in the local gymnasium not three weeks ago and it was played on the in-house sound system. It was really interesting to watch the reaction of those in the gym – there was a noticeable lift in people’s energies. It is just one of THOSE songs.

I reckon that Billy and the band would loved to have known what it was too … apart from a second minor hit, they disappeared as quickly as they arrived.