16: I Am Pegasus – Ross Ryan


Entered Charts:25 October 1973
Entry Point:36
Highest Chart:1
Weeks In:25
Watch On YouTube:Click here

I was fortunate enough to meet Ross Ryan (click here to listen to the interview) and found him to be a witty and creative guy. This song, written about a flying horse, his relationship with an air hostess and the fact that his name really does mean horse, reflects Ross to a tee. He calls it his “albatross around his neck” song – it doesn’t matter what other songs he tries to perform, people keeping asking him to sing “the one about the horse”.

It is a song that just seemed to be everywhere in 1973 – turn on the radio, turn on the TV and there was “the song about the horse”. It brings back memories of late primary school and early high school – good times remembered through hearing this great song.

I have seen Ross perform I Am Pegasus live as recently as 2011. It doesn’t grow old … it just keeps flying.