17: The Carnival Is Over – The Seekers


Entered Charts:10 November 1965
Entry Point:40
Highest Chart:1
Weeks In:22
Watch On YouTube:Click here

Well, there’s not much to say, is there? Based on a traditional Russian folk song and featuring lyrics and arrangement by Tom Springfield, this song to only became a smash hit for the Seekers here and in the UK, it provided them with a signature song to close performances with. When The Carnival Is Over was released in 1965, that over fifty years later, they would have performed at an Olympics in Sydney and that they would have a musical written that celebrates their lives. Even looking forward a couple of years to 1967, they could not have imagined the 200,000 people who packed the Myer Music Bowl in March 1967 – still a record for a concert in the southern hemisphere.

They were quite simply an Australian phenomenon and I could have probably selected any of about six or seven of their best songs to feature in this countdown. That said, I can still remember as a primary school student when we saw them perform this song and hearing that the Seekers were no more. There was some poignancy in the fact that the carnival, indeed, was over for The Seekers. That was in 1968 and here we are …