3: Kings Of The World – Mississippi


Entered Charts:31 August 1972
Entry Point:36
Highest Chart:5
Weeks In:19
Watch On YouTube:Click here

Another Graeham Goble composition – he also featured at number 7 with Reminiscing – but this time with the band he formed around 1972, Mississippi. After moving to Melbourne from Adelaide with his band Allison Gros, Goble start to work with the team at Fable Records and the result was this masterpiece. Interestingly, the song only goes for two and half minutes – most songs of that era were more like three minutes long – but like a fine wine or rich dessert, if you had any more it would take away from what is just a great song.

He performed it at Sunbury in 1973 with a string-based orchestra, where it was so hot, the instruments kept going out of tune. And yet, even that performance in those conditions was spectacular.

You’ll notice that by this stage Beeb Birtles and Derek Pellici had joined Mississippi – the genesis of Little River Band eighteen months later.