4: Because I Love You – Masters Apprentices


Entered Charts:26 October 1988
Entry Point:32
Highest Chart:25
Weeks In:6
Watch On YouTube:Click here

The Masters Apprentices were the biggest and most popular band in Australia in 1971, with the late and great Jimmy Keays at the helm. Hit after hit – Turn Up Your Radio, Living In A Child’s Dream, Elevator Driver – kept them in Go-Set magazine and created havoc at each band member’s home, with girls camping out on their front lawn.

And yet, with all that, this song – sometimes incorrectly labelled “Do What You Want To Do” due to the lyrics in its chorus – failed to reach the top 40 when it was released in 1971. In fact, it peaked at number 42 before dropping away and out of sight. It wasn’t until 1988, when a re-recorded version was released for the Bicentennial celebrations that it entered the charts for the first time, reaching number 25. That version was a noticeably different arrangement and to my ear, doesn’t match the quality of the 1971 version.

The song has stood the test of time and is now used in a whole range of advertisements from superannuation to Japanese cars. I assume that the royalties are helping to support Jim’s family but I don’t like it when absolute classics like this end up as backing tracks for ads.

A great song with a great sentiment – do what you want to do, be what you want to be, yeah.