5: Are You Old Enough – Dragon


Entered Charts:23 August 1978
Entry Point:33
Highest Chart:2
Weeks In:17
Watch On YouTube:Click here

And so, we make it to the Top 5 and the last of the “born in New Zealand” tracks. Dragon moved to Australia in the mid to late 1970’s and after a few lesser hits, gave us this classic. Are You Old Enough, like Khe Sanh yesterday is one of those songs that only needs a couple of notes in the introduction to be recognised. And straightaway, like all the great songs, you are transported back to when it was a charting hit – in this case to mid-1978.

Such is its evocative power that the Ten network series, Puberty Blues, used it as its theme, transporting all of back to the time when the young folk drove Kingswoods because Commodores had only just been released.

watch the film clip and tell me that it doesn’t take you back to your high school days! Great song. Good times. Certainly good enough to cure the moondog blues.