12: The Days Of Pearly Spencer – David McWilliams


Entered Charts10 July 1968
Entry Point
Highest Chart48 *
Weeks In:0

This is one song in the goRadio.Live Top 30 Songs of the 1960s that didn’t make the national Top 40 here in Australia (highest point was 48, although it did reach number 20 on the Melbourne charts in mid-1968).

It’s most notable feature is its chorus – sounding like it was recorded through a megaphone. In fact, the chorus was recorded by McWilliams via telephone from a local phone box.

It’s a radio presenter’s best friend – one of those songs that you rarely hear but only 2 minutes 23 seconds in length which means that it can be used coming up to news or the end of a program.

The song itself is reportedly about a homeless man that McWilliams met in the town of Ballymena in his native Northern Ireland. The song received considerable airplay on pirate radio station Radio Caroline which is said to have caused the BBC to ban it from its own playlists, resulting in diminished sales.

You’ll notice that there are some songs in this list that stand apart purely because of their style or uniqueness – this is one such song.

*This song peaked at number 48 and therefore, officially didn’t make the national top 40. The date shown is the that it peaked at number 48.