17: Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley


Entered Charts5 November 1969
Entry Point39
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:19

Hard to believe that with 35 top 40 hits in Australia during the 1960s, this is the only Elvis Presley track to make it into the goRadio.Live Top 30 Songs of The 1960s. And it ALMOST didn’t make it – but only because of timing.

Suspicious Minds entered the Australian charts with eight weeks left in the 1960s and, during those eight weeks, rose to number 1 – in fact, it was the number 1 track in Australia as we passed from December 1969 into January 1970.

So, why this track ahead of others?

To my mind (sorry Elvis fans), he was producing great music in the late 1950s and very early 1960s before going on something of a hiatus with military service and movies. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that between mid-1964 and mid-1969, the songs that he recorded whilst commercially successful to an extent, seemed to be lacking some of the Elvis magic we’d come to expect. After his 1968 comeback concert, the hits began to flow again and this to me was the standout during the remaining years of the 1960s.

To me, the song captures that Elvis-ness that only he could produce and therefore, deserves recognition here at number 17.