2: Something – The Beatles


Entered Charts22 October 1969
Entry Point40
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:19

What a beautiful piece of music written by George Harrison as a tribute to his then wife, Pattie Boyd. It was the only Beatles number 1 that was written and performed by Harrison. It was also one of the only Beatles singles released that was already available on an album – track 2 of Abbey Road. It was the Beatles second last number one hit in Australia, with only Let It Be to follow in 1970.

I really like Abbey Road – it is one of my two favourite Beatles albums (Sgt Pepper being the other). I’m not a big fan of Come Together (the opening track of the album and B-side of the Something single) and wonder whether the album might have been even better received with Something as the opening track. I guess we’ll never know …

Ironic, given that we have had six Beatles songs in the top 40 (the top 30 plus the Honourable Mentions) and the one that has come out on top is this one – written by George and not by John or Paul.

Next up, number one. Given the previous paragraph, we know that the number one song is not The Beatles – in fact, you’ll need to travel a lot closer to Melbourne to meet the artist and producer of the big one.