23: I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles


Entered Charts20 September 1962
Entry Point34
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:24

Well, without wanting to divulge my age (which I think I am about to do anyway), I thought I had better include one song from my year of birth. This was recorded and released in 1962 which, to my mind, almost makes it the 1950’s from a music perspective.

From what I can see (and can’t remember, you understand), much of the music in the early 1960’s fitted into something of a “more of the same” of the previous decade. It wasn’t until December 1963 when The Beatles’ song I Want To Hold Your Hand stormed into the Australian charts and changed music forever. Sure there was Elvis and there was Buddy Holly and plenty of others but, to my ear, it was I Want To Hold Your Hand that changed everything. That said, it doesn’t appear in my Top 30!

The piano skills and unique singing style made Ray Charles a stand-out for his time, particularly when you think of his disability (blindness from the age of 7) and his skin colour at a time when racism and segregation was still a major issue in the southern states of the US.

A most worthy representative of a most significant year.