4: A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum


Entered Charts14 June 1967
Entry Point35
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:15

A Whiter Shade of Pale entered the Australian charts exactly one week before yesterday’s number 5 song (San Francisco) and after almost four months in the charts, left them one week before San Francisco.

Another one of the songs that became synonymous with TV mini-series and movies about the 1960’s, A Whiter Shade of Pale, in my mind, is more often linked with shows about Vietnam than San Francisco. Maybe I am making that up, but that how it seems to me.

Undoubtedly, the melody and instrumentation are based on a number of pieces by Bach (the second such song in this countdown). Less obvious is the lyrical content – full of imagery and according to some, heavily influenced by marijuana.

It is a song that evokes memories of the 1960’s more than most. It is a complex, melodic track that takes you on a lyrical journey. It deserves to be at number 4 on the goRadio.Live Top 30 Songs of the 1960s playlist.