10: You And Me – Alice Cooper


Entered Charts6 April 1977
Entry Point32
Highest Chart2
Weeks In:20

It has been described as one of the great love songs of all time, a gentle melody from a man who had become famous for his shock value. Parents were horrified by some of his antics – some real, some alleged, some simply made up – and when this came out, it seemed to change some perceptions. He even went on The Muppet Show and sang it!

I really love the tune and the lyrics are strong and real – unlike so many of the “schmaltzy” love songs that had been hits over the years. Coming from the Lace and Whiskey album, it reached number 2 in Australia, being held out of the number one position by Julie Covington’s Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina – a song that stayed at number one for seven weeks.

To me, this was a turning point for Alice Cooper – his follow-up single How You Gonna See Me Now also made the top 20. I wasn’t particularly taken by some of his earlier music but this is where I started to really enjoy his work.