11: Reminiscing – Little River Band


Entered Charts16 August 1978
Entry Point39
Highest Chart39
Weeks In:2

It beggars belief that this song reached a peak of number 39, only staying in the charts for two weeks back in 1978. Written by Graeham Goble, it has gone to become far and away the most played Australian song on American radio. During the last 22 years of the 20th century it was played over 4 million times, earning it a special award from the Broadcast Music Institute (BMI).

John Lennon was a fan and Frank Sinatra reportedly said it was the best song written and released in the 1970’s – I’m going to offer an assessment that it was number 11, but we’ll let Frank run with it. As I consider the remaining ten songs in the countdown, there’s probably only one that he would have been comfortable to record!

A great song that has subsequently been covered by a number of artists – it was stiff to miss a place in the top 10 in this countdown. It does make you wonder though – I’ve placed at number 11 for the 1970’s and the music charts in Australia rated it at number 39 for two weeks. I wonder who was right …

For the record, three other songs from this countdown were in the top 20 during the two weeks in question but some of the others were Rivers of Babylon, Macho Man, Just One More Night and Too Much, Too Little, Too Late. This proves, once and for all, that there is no accounting for taste!