12: S.O.S. – ABBA


Entered Charts27 November 1975
Entry Point26
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:24

Well, they were arguably the biggest musical thing to hit Australia in the 1970’s and so they had to be represented here, didn’t they? I could have probably done an ABBA countdown (there’s an idea for next year!) but restricted my thinking to a single song per artist or band. I am pretty sure that this was my favourite ABBA song, released in the earlier part of their career – well, certainly as far as Australia was concerned – simple, melodic and happy (even though the content of the lyrics wasn’t!).

Check out the video clip on YouTube and see how “revolutionary” their cinematography was – not very! It is said that the primary reason that ABBA created videos for their songs were to give them airplay on TV shows outside of Sweden (e,g. Countdown) without them having to travel. At a time when videos were significantly less common that 10 years later, this gave them an advantage over many other artists and bands.

Little did we know when this song reached us just how big they would become in this country (their previous single, Mamma Mia also reached number 1), creating a demand that saw them travel to Australia, make a cleverly named movie here (ABBA The Movie, of course) and go onto become of the soundtrack of the 1970’s.