14: Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush


Entered Charts19 April 1978
Entry Point23
Highest Chart2
Weeks In:15

Another song that jumped out at us in the late 1970’s because it was so different. Apart from the fact that it made references to a 19th century novel, Kate Bush had the most unusual and distinctive voices of the decade. The other thing that makes Wuthering Heights unique is that it was the first time that a British woman had made it to number one on the UK charts that she had written and recorded herself – quite amazing given the number of female artists that had preceded her.

Another interesting thing about this track is that two versions of the video were made for the song’s release. At a time when videos were not necessarily made for every song, to have two was unusual.

So, with a number of factors that make this track unique, it was also a really good song and a great performance, worthy of number 14 in this countdown.

PS: The word wuthering – rarely used these days – means “descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed, in stormy weather” according to Emily Bronte (in the novel)