15: Evie – Stevie Wright


Entered Charts30 May 1974
Entry Point38
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:21

We’ve had a few Aussie classics and for some, this is the ultimate Aussie classic. Broken into three parts, some charts only acknowledge Part I as having reached the top of the charts. Other charts acknowledge the full 11+ minutes, which on that basis, makes this longest song to make it to the top of the charts.

Stevie Wright was the front man for the Easybeats and despite all of the hits they had, this is the only one that makes this countdown. Written by Easybeats band mates, Harry Vanda and the late George Young, it had a fair head start.

Sadly, by this time, Stevie Wright had started his demise with substance abuse. This is sadly evident in the clip you’ll find on YouTube – Stevie’s performance at the Concert of The Decade in Sydney in 1975 (and yes, it is Sherbet’s Tony Mitchell on bass behind him!)

A true Aussie classic deserving on its place in the top half of this Top 30.