18: Imagine – John Lennon


Entered Charts18 November 1971
Entry Point40
Highest Chart1
Weeks In:18

For many, this would be sitting comfortably inside the top 5 songs of the 1970’s and I suspect that’s why it has slipped down the list in this countdown. No one can deny the quality of the song or the recording but it has become one of those cliched songs that gets rolled out far too frequently on news services and, believe it or not, Christmas carol events. Whenever there is a war or tragedy that requires news coverage, out comes Imagine.

I like the song and it is undoubtedly the best work that Lennon produced after the breakup of The Beatles. That said, it seems to have been hijacked and overplayed – and both of those things reduce its appeal for me.

Time will pass and I will no doubt reconsider (in fact, I have reconsidered many of the songs that are in this countdown already – it is such a difficult thing to do!) but until then it will sit here at number 18.