25: Rockaria! – Electric Light Orchestra


Entered Charts27 April 1977
Entry Point38
Highest Chart16
Weeks In:11

Just like The Buggles a couple of days ago, Electric Light Orchestra burst into our lives with a sound that was really different to the conventional two guitars, one bass and one vocal arrangement that had dominated music for so long. Introducing a number of traditionally orchestral instruments into their arrangements (painted bright colours in the videos) brought a new dynamic to the sound of the 1970s. Rockaria! adds an operatic component to the song as well, which again makes it a stand out track on their very successful album A New World Record.

And as with many songs, Rockaria! triggers a memory of times past – in this case, running down Pitt Street in Sydney with a group of friends on a combined families holiday. We heard the song coming from a car that was driving along slowly and being amused that it referred to “the opera house” when we were so close to Sydney’s.