26: Seasons Of Change – Blackfeather


Entered Charts17 June 1971
Entry Point37
Highest Chart9
Weeks In:14

An amazing song taken from an amazing album – Seasons of Change was released on the album At The Mountains of Madness in 1971. I am fortunate enough to own a copy of vinyl and you know what they say about hen’s teeth – they are as rare as vinyl copies of At The Mountains of Madness!

A great song with a remarkable vocal performance by Neale Johns – in the version you’ll find on YouTube, there is an extended piano solo as well.

It is said that the original plan was for the song to be included on the album and was then offered to Fraternity to record with an agreement that Blackfeather wouldn’t release theirs in competition. When it became obvious that Fraternity’s version was successful in Adelaide, Blackfeather’s record company rush-released the Blackfeather version into the market. This became the significantly more successful version of the two.