3: Kings Of The World – Mississippi


Entered Charts31 August 1972
Entry Point36
Highest Chart5
Weeks In:19

Are you surprised to see this so high in my list – number 3? Well, don’t be surprised – this is a truly great piece of music, written and performed one of our national musical treasures, Graeham Goble.

At this stage, the band was in the early stages of being Mississippi (before that they had been Alison Gros and, for a brief period, Drummond – yes, that chipmunk-like version of Daddy Cool was performed by these guys as well), later being joined by Beeb Birtles. By 1974, they had been to the UK, met up with Glenn Shorrock and before long they had morphed into Little River Band.

It is one of those songs that is annoyingly short – just when you get into it, the song ends. I would have thought another couple of verses would have been in order. But, maybe, that’s its appeal – short and sweet.

It is, in my mind, the very best Australian song of the 1970’s – which gives you a tiny clue about numbers 1 & 2.