5: Are You Old Enough – Dragon


Entered Charts23 August 1978
Entry Point33
Highest Chart2
Weeks In:17

Come on, tell me that you don’t sit up when you hear the introduction to this song and give it everything you’ve got!

It might surprise you to see this song so high in the countdown at number 5 but it is one of the great songs of that era, isn’t it? Even though it was considered slightly raunchy when it was released, it has become a firm favourite of classic rock stations all over Australia and New Zealand. Depending which source you read, this song peaked at number 1 or 2 – the sad and extraordinary fact is that, where it suggested it only got to number 2, the song that did keep it out of number 1 was Black Is Black – no really!

A fantastic song, featuring the vocals of the late Marc Hunter, and without wanting to give too much away, the second highest raking Australian song in this countdown – and appropriate to have an Australian song nominated today – Australia Day.