8: Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits


Entered Charts8 November 1978
Entry Point34
Highest Chart12
Weeks In:12

This was the start of something really big, wasn’t it?

In 1978, the boys from Deptford in London had released their first album – cleverly titled Dire Straits – and this was the single that had been lifted from it. It had some reasonable success in 1978 but the band didn’t pop up again in the charts until four years later with Private Investigations. I first became a Dire Straits fan when I shared accommodation in regional Victoria with a massive fan of the band and soon after I was hooked. I now have each of their albums on vinyl and CD (and for a time, cassette) and close every radio program I do with a piece of music that was written and performed by Mark Knopfler and subsequently performed by the Straits as well – Going Home.

If this was a combined 70s and 80s countdown, I might have chosen a different Dire Straits song for inclusion but this is where it all started for them, so it must be there.