9: The Wonder Of You – Elvis Presley


Entered Charts2 July 1970
Entry Point24
Highest Chart3
Weeks In:17

Well, what can you say about this bloke that hasn’t already been said?

I must say that I felt that Elvis’ best songs were the slower, more melodic tunes more so than the earlier rock and roll music – that said, they were pretty good as well! To me, this is where the richness and strength of his voice shone through and I don’t think that there are too many songs where it is more evident.

The thing I find interesting in the YouTube video is how everyone has headed along to hear him play in a cabaret environment – have the chicken or the beef and then we’ll roll out Elvis! Little did they realise that a few short years later, this monolithic star would be gone forever. Imagine being able to say that you saw this bloke on stage – not in some super sized outdoor football ground but up close and personal in a nightclub environment like this.