70s After Seven

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Sixty minutes of classic 70s hits

This was the decade that saw us move from progressive rock and protest songs through to the early stages of new wave, via glam rock, lots of guitars and punk.

It was the decade where we first heard of Queen and Suzi Quatro, where the individual members of the Beatles and Rod Stewart established themselves as solo performers and on the home front, Countdown made stars of Sherbet, Skyhooks, John Paul Young, Marcia Hines and Supernaut.

This is a decade that was stuffed full of fantastic music and you can hear it all on the 70s After Seven throughout your weekday mornings and evenings on goRadio.Live.

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**PLEASE NOTE: Our Breakfast.Live program will be presented for the final time on Friday 8 January 2021. From Monday 11 January, 70s After Seven will be presented at both 7:00am and 7:00pm every weekday!