18: Burn For You – INXS


Entered Charts:26 July 1984
Entry Point:35
Highest Chart:4
Weeks In:14

Burn For You was lifted from their very excellent album, The Swing. I must say that I had not been a massive fan of INXS but that album (and the cutdown cassette version – Deka-Dance) certainly got some airtime in our place. It is an INXS song that is often forgotten in their amazing catalogue of hits but sits firmly as my favourite INXS track of the 1980s.

Quite a lengthy track (over five minutes), it carries you through to the end still wanting more – that is the sign of a great song, in my opinion. If you haven’t listened to it for a while … in the words of the great Molly Meldrum … do yourself a favour.