20: Stop! – Sam Brown


Entered Charts:1 February 1989
Entry Point:33
Highest Chart:6
Weeks In:22

By the time we got to 1989, I was starting to wonder where the music industry was going … lots of rap and hip-hop was taking over the airwaves and, at above the same time, radio broadcasting was moving to mindless (alleged) comedians instead of the greats of contemporary radio (Greg Evans, Lee Simon, Peter O’Callaghan, etc).

It had got to the point where I just stopped listening to the radio, meaning that a song really had to jump out if it was going to grab me. Well, this one did.

Sam Brown has the most amazing voice (check her out singing Great Gig in The Sky on Pink Floyd’s Pulse album) and matched it with a song that was seemingly written for her voice. The pain and emotion of being cheated on comes through throughout the song – what a great melody and performance.

Big thumbs up from me.