9: One Perfect Day – The Little Heroes


Entered Charts:5 May 1982
Entry Point:33
Highest Chart:6
Weeks In:12
Watch On YouTube:Click here

The Little Heroes only ever had one charting hit in Australia but what a song!

As I look at the songs that sit between One Perfect Day and the number one selection, the only reason that they sit higher on the list is the impact that they have had on the Australian music industry. As you’ll see in the YouTube comments associated with the clip I’ve linked to, one pundit writes “One Perfect Day – one perfect song”. It brings together a sad yet hopeful sounding storyline with a beautifully melodic tune, understated in so many ways. From the simple piano introduction through to the end, there is not a wasted note or superfluous lyric.

In all seriousness, if this had have received more commercial notice like the remaining eight songs in the countdown, I could have easily ranked this song higher. An absolute gem.