6: The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed


Entered Top 40s:21 March 2016
Entry Point:31
Highest Position:13
Weeks In:12
Original Version By:Simon & Garfunkel

Our previous song had 146 years between its first performance and the version we featured at number 7. If you don’t agree that it is a cover version, this one certainly is and has a 50 year gap between the two versions. Simon and Garfunkel recorded The Sound of Silence in the early 1960s and had it not been for a few DJs in the US picking it up a couple of years later, it may well have disappeared without trace. As it happens, it turned our to be one of their biggest, if not their biggest, hit of their career.

If had told me that there would be a cover version 50 years later and one that is so good it has people debating which is the better version, I’d have laughed at you. In 2016, Chicago-based band Disturbed rolled out a cover version and if it is not better than the original, it is awfully close to it. And amazing cover version.