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Radio as it should be

It’s a bold call, isn’t it – radio as it should be.

But we’re confident that we have developed something pretty special. When we started back in October 2018, we spoke to lots of people about what THEY wanted in an online radio station – here’s what some of them said (ok, so we have paraphrased a little, here):

  • Only play great music – music that we will enjoy listening to.
  • Let the other stations experiment with new artists and new sounds. If we want that, we’ll go and look for it.
  • Let the music play – don’t have announcers speaking over the top of track intros and endings.
  • Limit the number of ads and station promos – too many stations interrupt the flow of ads to occasionally throw in a song.
  • Cover special / live events but only when they have broad appeal.
  • Declare the station to be ego-free.
  • Let’s have fun.

So, bringing together some experienced radio heads and lovers of the greatest music recorded in the second half of the 20th century and the first part of the 21st … here we are!

Let us know what you think – click here to visit the Contact goRadio.Live page. And if you love what we do, tell your friends, talk about us on social media, let the world know. We want to share goRadio.Live with as many people as we can!

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