Introducing RegionalRadio.Live


As you have probably worked out by now, goRadio.Live and our parent company, Untypical Media have a great affinity with, and affection for, regional Australia. The “G” in our name stands for Geelong, so regional Australia is literally part of our name!

We are, therefore, thrilled to introduce you to our latest special event program – RegionalRadio.Live. Think Friday Night Request Show with a few variations:

  • Each RegionalRadio.Live program that we do will focus on one town or region somewhere in regional Australia. All requests, shout-outs and advertisements will come from our featured town.
  • The duration of each RegionalRadio.Live program will vary from two to four hours, depending upon what we agree with the locals.
  • The RegionalRadio.Live programs may be on a Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.
  • Some RegionalRadio.Live programs will be presented live in the featured town, making it a local event as well. This might fit in well with an existing festival or other event.

There will be a cost involved for the town/region, paid for by the advertisers who choose to participate in the program.

Do you live in a regional town or know someone who does? Let’s chat – please get in touch by visiting our Contact page.