Radio on my phone?


Yes, get with the program, people.

Forget about whether or not you get good reception on your transistor radio – the future of radio is online. In these days of high data allowances (in some cases, unlimited), you need not be concerned about chewing through your data by listening to an online radio station. By our estimates*, you can listen to 1 hour of goRadio.Live every day each month and not even use 1GB of your allowance!

So, once we get to 1 October 2018, it’ll be time to change your radio listening habits. Start listening to radio as it should be – goRadio.Live

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* Based on a 64Kbps stream (our bitrate when listening via a mobile device), 1 hour of listening will use 28.13MB of data. Higher bitrates are used when using a desktop or laptop computer.