Requesting A Song

goRadio.LiveMembers Only

Do you love the music we play on goRadio.Live but feel like you’d like to control what plays when? Then you are going to LOVE the Request A Song feature!

We have built a request feature into the playlists for each of the following programs:

  • Classic Nights
  • Drive.Live
  • Overnight.Live
  • Public Holiday Playlist
  • Saturday Morning
  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Night
  • Weekends.Live
  • Workplace.Live

The first two tracks in each of these programs will be reserved for member requests. All you need to do is visit our Request A Song page and select a song from our music library. Your request will be played during the next available request slot – most likely at the top of the next hour (with only two request slots in each hour, yours might be bumped to a later hour).

To make it fair for all members, we will restrict the number of requests you can make each day. Otherwise, you can knock yourself out!