The Australia Day Request Show

At goRadio.Live, we love interacting with our audience and so we have established our Friday Night Request Show. The program is presented between 8:00pm and 11:00pm on the first Friday night of each month. When that clashes with another appointment, we move the program to the next night - the Saturday evening.

The next Friday Night Request Show is, in fact, an Australia Day Request Show scheduled for Wednesday 26 January 2022.
Four hours of requests, starting from 4:00pm.

We'll be accepting requests from listeners before the event (using the form below) -  click here to move down to the Shoutout and Song Request Form. All we ask is that the song is Australian and charted in Australia during the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s or was so well known, it should have.

Please feel free to get in touch with Neil at or SMS / WhatsApp at 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346) for more information.

How do I listen / participate on the day?

goRadio.Live broadcasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - for most of that time, it is back-to-back-to-back-to-back classic hits throughout the day and night, very limited advertising (a couple of ads at the top of each hour) and except during special events like this one, no announcers either.

You can listen at any time via this web site on your mobile device or computer (just click on the Listen Live button in the top menu) or better still, download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play and listen that way. Even Alexa knows how to "Play Go Radio Dot Live" if you ask her nicely.

During the Australia Day Request Show, the best way to get in contact is via SMS / WhatsApp at 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346).

Shout-out and Song Request Form

Requests made on the form below will be for Wednesday 26 January.

Please understand that we will be limiting the requests to one per person to give everyone a fair chance. There'll also be a limit of 25 requests in total to ensure that we fit everybody's shoutout into the program - first in, best dressed. 

If you want to make contact with Neil in the studio during the event, your best bet is to send through an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346). Emails to and comments on our social media will also be monitored but we can't guarantee that they will get noticed during the program ... there's only so much one person can do!

  • First and last name please.This name won't be used on air - we'll use the one in the Preferred Name field below (which might be the same!).
  • This won't be read out - it just means I can contact you before if I need to.
  • If you prefer us to use a different name during the broadcast (e.g. just your first name, nickname, etc), we can do that. Please enter your name as you would like us to announce it.
  • Please include the name of your town/suburb/region and the state/territory.
  • Please provide a list of people who you want us to say hello to if anyone.
  • Please include the name of the artist if you can. Please note, not every song will be available but we'll do our best! If you want to, please enter a backup song in the message space below.