Support goRadio.Live

Whilst goRadio.Live is operated by a business, we are keen to have it stand on its own two financial feet if we can.

We get approximately half of our required revenue through sponsorship but we'd rather not increase that percentage unless we have to. Sponsorship means additional advertising which, of course, translates to less music every hour.

So, if you would be happy to donate either once-off (navy blue box below) or on an on-going monthly (red box below) basis, we'd be delighted to receive your support. We need about $250 per month to meet our licensing and platform obligations - we cover about $120 per month with our sponsorship model.

We will create a page on the goRadio.Live web site that enables us to promote small businesses who choose to sponsor the station - if this sounds like you, please make contact and we'll arrange something offline. On that same page, we'll list everyone who has supported us in recognition of your support.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't want to make any features of the web site or station restricted to supporters & sponsors only. We are very happy to continue providing the entertainment for those who cannot or choose not to provide financial support. Membership of the station will continue to be free of charge - we just want to give individuals and small businesses the opportunity to support us if they would like to.

Thank you for your support and on-going encouragement for the station. 

The goRadio.Live Team