Turn Back Time Radio

goRadio.LiveFriday, Saturday

Turning the clock back for your party

The name says it all – we turn back time to provide the music for your party. Every Friday and Saturday night, we play back-to back-to-back classics to create a soundtrack for an unforgettable party.

Having a special party? How about you tell us a date in the past (maybe your 21st birthday, wedding day, etc) and we’ll create a radio program for you as though it was that day in history. We’ll focus on the top 40 music of the day and feature other songs from the years before that. Your guests will be able to make requests (only for songs that had been released by our virtual party date) and keep the party going right through until midnight.

Send us an email from our contact page to find out more.

Friday9:00pm – midnight
Saturday8:00pm – midnight