Turn Back Time Radio

Turn Back Time Radio is the name of our regular Friday and Saturday evening program ... sometimes the program is a live program, other times it is just one great party song after another.

But, did you know that it could also be the one unique ingredient that makes your next school reunion, special anniversary / birthday or decade-themed party truly memorable?

Book goRadio.Live to broadcast a dedicated Turn Back Time Radio program for your party and we will:

  • Create a playlist that matches your musical theme (e.g. music from during your high school years, music from the decade of your choice, etc)
  • Broadcast a two, three or four hour radio program based that you can then stream into your party anywhere in Australia
  • Provide a secret party-specific code that only allows people you've invited to make requests and present shoutouts

It's a pretty simple concept and, while anyone will be able to tune into the broadcast via the normal goRadio.Live channels, only your guests will be able to participate interactively. The other great advantage of a Turn Back Time Radio Party is that guests who can't be there - maybe because they live too far away - can still listen in and be part of your event! You can share the secret party code with them so that they can request and ask for shout-outs just like everyone else at the event. We can have people phoning into the program if you want that too!

We can even come and present the radio program from your venue if you want us to (conditions apply - see below). Think of us as being the best of both worlds - a live DJ AND a radio program for your party!

Prices start from $220 (including GST) and are subject to availability - the more notice you give us the better the chance you have of us being available for your event.

For more information or to book a Turn Back Time Radio Party, please get in touch with us via the goRadio.Live Contact Page.


Some conditions to consider ...

  1. Please understand that our licensing only allows us to broadcast across Australia. Regrettably, that means that we lock the stream to Australian locations only.

  2. We are happy to come and present the program live at your event however there will be additional equipment, travel and/or accommodation costs involved.

  3. The $220 option mentioned above is for a two hour live broadcast, presented from our studio. Longer programs will attract an additional cost.

  4. There is no way that we can make the broadcast exclusively yours - anyone who has the goRadio.Live app or access to will be able to listen in. We can limit participation by issuing an event-specific code that must be used in all SMS and WhatsApp messages during the program.

  5. It was Dirty Harry who said "a man's got to know his limitations" - here's ours. We specialise in music from the 60s, 70s and 80s - that's our sweet spot. The Turn Back Time Radio Party only provides music and programs from those decades.